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RPA Manager Detects


RPA Manager Detects monitors, oversees, and diagnoses dependencies for increased insight into bot environment.

For every 10-20 bots added to a digital workforce, an additional full-time employee is needed to oversee them. Manual bot monitoring and maintenance are extremely time- and resource-intensive, especially when you’re trying to scale your bot fleet. And what about the ROI you’ll lose from those sky-high labor costs? We thought: There’s got to be a better way. So we decided to create one ourselves.

RPA Manager Detects monitors your bots so you don’t have to. The SaaS solution proactively detects potential points of failure in your RPA environment before they arise. RPA Manager Detects is powered by an intelligent Digital Labor Cloud that oversees your bot fleet. When an error occurs, the intelligent engine creates a remediation solution autonomously, and the dynamic SupportBot delivers it.

Unique Benefits

  • Labor Cost Savings: Without employees required to monitor and maintain bots, labor costs are reduced significantly.
  • Improved Scalability: Without the added labor costs and time allocations of manual monitoring, bot fleets can be scaled up effortlessly purely through digital labor.
  • Intelligent Labor Allocation: Employees are freed from the burden of bot monitoring and maintenance, allowing them to focus on core business and growth.
  • Multi-Vendor Bot Management: RPA Manager Detects can seamlessly integrate and manage multiple RPA platforms at once, including top vendors like UiPath and Automation Anywhere.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Unique AI reasoning engine can see problems coming from a mile away, and it can oversee more bots at once than an employee could.
  • Risk Reduction: RPA Manager Detects makes sure bots don’t stray from their work on critical business processes by proactively alerting RPA administrators to any potential roadblocks.

Feature-Rich Functionality

  • Dynamic SupportBOT: AI-powered SupportBOT lives in the client operating system, providing a unique insight into the environment.
  • Reporting and Remediation: SupportBOT not only observes and reports to the AI Reasoning Engine, but it delivers an intelligent solution back into the environment, setting it apart from other AI agents.
  • Dependency Monitoring: RPA Manager Detects monitors bots and all their dependencies, applications, and related systems, and if something changes to throw a bot off course, all other bots will be protected from the change.
  • Convenient Client Dashboard: All information about bots and their dependencies can be easily viewed through a client dashboard.
  • Unique AI-fueled SaaS solution requires no special training or implementation costs.
  • AI Service: The ChoiceWORX AI Service is an integral component of the framework and our subscription model.

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