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RPA Manager Corrects


RPA Manager Corrects ensures that bots stay up and running, reporting and repairing issues as they become apparent within environments and dependencies.

When bots or their dependencies break, even the best-laid plans fall apart. Core business processes come to a screeching halt, and bots are taken out of production for repair. This means two things: Firstly, that bots aren’t completing work, and operations are falling behind. Secondly, employees are spending time and resources fixing bots. All of this translates to higher labor costs than anticipated and roadblocks when scaling – which isn’t what you had hoped for with RPA.

RPA Manager Corrects changes all of that. The first of its kind, our solution instantly remediates issues by delivering an intelligent, AI-fueled solution to the broken bot autonomously and quickly fixing the problem. Automated bot management keeps bots in production, never letting core business processes slip through the cracks. And as we adjust to an increasingly digital climate and the “new normal,” keeping your bot workforce up and running is more important than ever.

Unique Benefits

  • Labor Savings and Scalability: Since employees don’t need to spend copious amounts of time fixing bots, labor costs are reduced dramatically, and bots can be scaled up effortlessly.
  • Risk Reduction: When bots stop working, critical business processes come to a halt and create serious ramifications for organizations. RPA Manager Corrects ensures that bots are up and running, and roadblocks are reported promptly.
  • Fast Fixes: RPA Manager Corrects instantly delivers an automated and intelligent remediation with the help of dynamic SupportBot.
  • No Bot Downtime: RPA Manager Corrects delivers remediations so quickly that bots are never out of production and can even take on additional tasks.
  • Intelligent Labor Allocation: When an intelligent AI-fueled solution is monitoring, maintaining, and repairing your bots, employees don’t have to. This frees them to focus on core business and growth.

Feature-Rich Functionality

  • AI-Powered Remediation: Unique AI Reasoning Engine forms an intelligent remediation for the problems reported by SupportBOT. The Engine pulls from a repository of stored data to make informed recommendations and emulate human decision making.
  • Dynamic SupportBOT: AI-powered SupportBOT delivers the intelligent remediation back out to the client environment for a proactive and autonomous resolution.
  • AI Powered by Memory Library: The AI Reasoning Engine is fueled by an extensive memory library that creates a history and fingerprint of every use case, so the same errors don’t occur twice. This fuels the AI Reasoning Engine to make rapid and accurate remediations.
  • BOT Management SupportSPACE: RPA Manager Corrects fixes bots by leveraging digital labor, supporting your valuable staff.
  • Unique AI-fueled SaaS solution requires no special training or implementation costs.
  • AI Service: The ChoiceWORX AI Service is an integral component of the framework and our subscription model.

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