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WORX for RPA Management

RPA Manager Oversees Bots so You Don’t Have To

RPA Manager Detects

Bot Event Manager monitors your bots so you don’t have to. The SaaS solution proactively detects potential points of failure in your RPA environment before they arise. Bot Event Manager is powered by an intelligent Digital Labor Cloud that oversees your bot fleet. When an error occurs, the intelligent engine creates a remediation solution autonomously, and the dynamic SupportBot delivers it.

RPA Manager Corrects

Bot Repair Manager instantly remediates issues by delivering an intelligent, AI-fueled solution to the broken bot autonomously and quickly fixing the problem. Automated bot management keeps bots in production, never letting core business processes slip through the cracks. And as we adjust to an increasingly digital climate and the “new normal,” keeping your bot workforce up and running is more important than ever.

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