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Digital Workplace Corrects


Digital Workplace Corrects is a first-of-its-kind SaaS solution that provides proactive, autonomous monitoring and remediation for the IT service desk.

The IT service desk model desperately needs a paradigm shift: Instead of waiting until problems occur to solve them, the future of IT is in proactive remediation, or solving problems before they disrupt work. Digital Workplace Corrects provides a solution with intelligent self-healing technology that remediates issues proactively and autonomously.

The very first of its kind, Digital Workplace Corrects is fueled by an intelligent AI reasoning engine that determines the course of action for specific problems observed in the environment by SupportBOT. Once the AI Reasoning Engine receives information from SupportBOT, it directs SupportBOT to take action. The self-healing technology autonomously addresses work that previously would have fallen on IT employees.

Unique Benefits

  • Labor savings: Since our solution remediates issues autonomously, IT departments can cut their service and support costs by up to 70%.
  • Less IT ticket volume: Problems are stopped before they can occur, so end users don’t file IT tickets.
  • Fast fixes: Digital Workplace Corrects provides a quick and automatic resolution to IT problems within a matter of minutes, and the same problems won’t occur twice.
  • End user benefit: End users aren’t waiting around to get back to work – their problems are resolved in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days.
  • Intelligent labor allocation: Since there’s less dependency on IT employees, they can reallocate their time to more useful projects.

Feature-Rich Functionality

  • AI Reasoning Engine: The Engine relies on input from SupportBOT and a memory library to create an expert remediation for the problem in the environment. The Engine can make decisions, recommendations, and emulate human thinking.
  • Endpoint SupportBOT: AI-powered SupportBOT lives inside operating systems to observe the client environment, providing unique insight about errors or issues that may occur. SupportBOT delivers the Engine’s intelligent remediation back out into the environment, proactively and autonomously solving the issue.
  • Self-healing technology: SupportBOT, unlike other AI agents, can fix problems along with observing and reporting, by delivering the solutions into the environment.
  • Cutting-edge data security: De-identification and encryption of critical data keeps company, user, and device information safe.
  • End user Chatbot: Chatbot delivers personalized premier service to each end user. Chatbot knows who you are, the devices you use, the issues you’re having, and how to solve them.

Digital Workplace Corrects helps you keep your competitive edge. Don’t wait to start preventing IT endpoint problems the easy way – contact us today for a demo.

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