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WORX for Digital Workplace

Proactive & autonomous solution for a digital labor-fueled service desk.

Digital Workplace Detects

Digital Workplace Detects is a first-of-its-kind SaaS solution that provides proactive, autonomous monitoring and maintenance for the IT service desk. Our solution observes a user’s environment for potential errors and reports them to a unique AI reasoning engine, stopping issues in their tracks. This proactive monitoring reduces the number of IT tickets and calls dramatically by preventing problems from ever occurring.

Digital Workplace Corrects

The very first of its kind, Digital Workplace Corrects is fueled by an intelligent AI reasoning engine that determines the course of action for specific problems observed in the environment by SupportBOT. Once the AI Reasoning Engine receives information from SupportBOT, it directs SupportBOT to take action. The self-healing technology autonomously addresses work that previously would have fallen on IT employees.

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