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Sam Gross, ChoiceWORX CEO and Chief Product Officer 

In a typical Service Desk setting, most end-user experiences look something like this:

  1. A user experiences a problem with their device, and they see an error message on their screen.
  2. Next is a call to the Service Desk and an attempt to describe what just went wrong, essentially translating a digital error message into an analog ticket or conversation.
  3. They verbally share some information about the problem and more about the device, all of which could have been simply captured digitally.  
  4. More questions, more answers, maybe some answers you know, some not, always frustrating. 
  5. The Service Desk agent then proceeds to enter all the analog information that you just shared back into a digital format to complete the Service Desk ticket.
  6. The User finally returns to work when their issue is resolved, sometimes after a 20-minute remote control session and even sometimes after a desk-side visit by a technician 

All the steps in a typical reactive service desk model today require significant human intervention and a healthy dose of employee time and engagement, which is both costly and cumbersome to an organization. But until now, there has not been a better or faster way to get your technology running properly again. 

We challenge conventional thinking with a new way of solving the end-user support and device management dilemma that transforms the current reactive Service Desk model with the introduction of proactive “digital labor,” delivering end-to-end intelligent automation of IT incident remediation. What if your Service Desk “experience” never even happened? Wouldn’t the digital workplace experience be better if the end-user did not have to act when something has gone wrong? Employees will agree that calling to log a Service Desk ticket is certainly not one of the most enjoyable experience for any of us. 

Historically, most Service Desks have been relegated to reactive models. Organizations have relied upon traditional labor, which is costly, and better utilized to drive business value – not to spend countless hours handling Service Desk tickets. But in recent years, technology and AI capabilities have evolved, allowing organizations to consider other methods for solving Service Desk problems and autonomously addressing problems before they occur. And in the age of digital transformation, your clients will expect more from their Service Desk management solution- namely, a more seamless user experience. 

What’s the Best Solution? 

An ideal solution to the reactive approach problem is one that is both proactive and autonomous.

A reactive approach means that the burden of responsibility for resolution is on the end-user, who then must take steps to ask for help. With a proactive and autonomous approach, the end-user won’t even be aware that something went wrong – and before they know it the issue is already being resolved quietly behind the scenes. Their experience becomes seamless, which is the ultimate goal. 

This “no experience” experience is the ultimate in technology support. The sooner you address this need, the better, because high call volumes drive significant operational stress and labor costs. A proactive approach driven by digital labor can help you stay ahead of the curve. 

According to Analysts…

According to a 2020 Gartner report, Market Report for Digital Monitoring, industry experts are anticipating that post-pandemic work life will feel significantly different than ever before: Since it’s probable that many work environments will remain remote and distributed, support personnel will have limited visibility into endpoint, connectivity, and application performance, leaving them to wrestle with issues outside their control. 

Also, according to Gartner, by 2025, 70% of digital business initiatives will require infrastructure and operations leaders to report on the business metrics including digital experience, as compared to only about 15% who report this data currently. Implementing an endpoint monitoring and management solution before that time comes will only make the transition easier for organizations who want to get ahead of the curve. 

Digital Labor: The Proactive Choice 

Digital labor fits the challenge. Reimagining employee support is now possible because today’s AI and intelligent automation capabilities can identify and resolve issues before they occur, which inevitably saves lump sums of time, and employees are freed from investing endless amounts of time getting their technology to work properly. The ChoiceWORX Digital Labor Cloud is powered by AI, which allows it to emulate human thinking and provide self-healing technology, the ultimate in proactivity. 

We are committed to helping forward-thinking enterprises leverage AI without getting lost in the growing stacks of technology or offshore service solutions. Because after all – digital labor is not about adding more and more technology to your stack, it is about reducing the dependency on human labor required for technology support. It’s a labor alternative, not a software alternative. 

The future of business will continue to evolve, transitioning away from the traditional labor model, and we want to help you get started sooner rather than later. 

When your enterprise is ready to leverage digital labor – do not look for “piece meal,”  script-based solutions that require continuous updates, upgrades, and installations. Instead, consider AI-driven intelligent automation that can see problems coming from a mile away. 

I could go on about this all day, so I encourage you to get in touch with me if you want to know more. 

For more information on how ChoiceWORX can help you achieve your business goals, contact us today to schedule a demo with an industry expert.