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When Intelligent Automation leader Michael Engel approached ChoiceWORX to help PwC solve its automation challenges, we were very happy to help.

After all, Michael introduced me to fellow co-founder Sam Gross a few years back. So in a way, he helped make ChoiceWORX happen.

The ChoiceWORX and PwC collaboration began when Michael, the Intelligent Process Automation Leader at PwC,  tasked his team with finding a way to facilitate end-to-end bot management at scale. Michael knew that Sam and I had been working on that very issue, combining Sam’s expertise in artificial intelligence technology with my background in RPA.

Michael was intrigued by our use of AI and machine learning to enable digital labor, which can manage a large array of automated processes. ChoiceWORX’s AI-fueled solution was able to solve PwC’s two biggest pain points: RPA portfolio management and platform flexibility.

Seeking Better Bot Management

What led PwC to seek better bot management? I’ll let Michael tell it in his own words:

“One of the first things I noticed was that if we were going to scale our organization’s automation capability, we needed to start thinking about how we were going to manage them when we got to scale. When I talk about scale here at PwC, we’re talking about thousands of bots that we have in production and that we had to look after.

“As I was analyzing our approach to support, what I came to know is that we were basically playing Whack-a-Mole. We had a bunch of smart people that were reactively dealing with broken bots. It was not sustainable from a perspective of quality or from a cost perspective. As we built more automations, we have to hire more people to support them,” said Michael. And his story isn’t a unique one: This captures the very common problem that many organizations have, which continually drives the need for automated bot management.

PwC’s intelligent process automation team looked high and low for cutting-edge solutions to the challenges of robotic process automation, but they didn’t find what they were looking for. Initially, Michael thought his team would have to create their own solution from scratch.

Basically, big organizations were, as Michael put it, playing Whack-a-Mole with bot management. Updates or repairs were being implemented as they occurred, with no foresight or predictability. This reactive approach was driving profitability into the ground and undermining valuable ROI.

Michael and his team had to figure out how to proactively deal with issues like:

  • Expired login credentials
  • Host device changes
  • Host memory shortages or CPU utilization
  • External application processing time
  • Application outages
  • Upstream or downstream data access failure
  • Client application changes

To keep the old system working, it took an army of IT employees to handle the mundane tasks of bot management. Surely, Michael thought, employee time could be better spent focusing on the core functions of the company or pursuing innovation.

Most significantly, PwC determined that clients wanted to add AI capabilities to their RPA for improved scalability. After conversations with many vendors who weren’t quite right, PwC concluded that ChoiceWORX was a “pretty obvious choice to make.”

ChoiceWORX was PwC’s Perfect Solution

Why did PwC decide to join forces with ChoiceWORX? Because the AI-fueled machine learning engine that drives our two unique SaaS solutions, Apptinuum and Robotinuum, does two really important things.

First, it enables RPA at scale with proactive management of a large portfolio of automations. It does so by creating an understanding of the dependencies between bots and underlying systems. Understanding the dependencies allows employees to define the set of things that need to be monitored or investigated.

Michael says this capability alone was enough to choose ChoiceWORX.

The second thing our AI engine can do is monitor bots across all different platforms. This versatility allows for predictability and automatic remediation of failures, no matter where it’s happening.

What PwC realized early on is that ChoiceWORX solutions changed the RPA game by utilizing a digital labor model for end-to-end automation. When bots are used to manage bots, good things happen:

Labor costs go down and productivity goes up.

Value increases over time as capabilities improve through machine learning.

Deployment at scale becomes a matter of choice, rather than an inherent roadblock.

I can talk all day about the benefits of AI and digital labor. Let me know if you’d like to learn more about the qualities that convinced PwC to combine forces with ChoiceWORX. I’d be happy to schedule a call or a demo at your convenience.

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