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ChoiceWORX’s AI-Powered WORX for RPA Management Platform Showcased in the UiPath Immersion Lab

NEW YORK, NY, February 4, 2021 – Marking the dawn of a new era in digital labor, ChoiceWORX, an AI-fueled SaaS company revolutionizing IT functions, and UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, today announced that ChoiceWORX has joined the UiPath Technology Alliance Program as a partner.

As part of the program, ChoiceWORX’s WORX for RPA Management will be featured in the UiPath Immersion Lab, a showcase for UiPath and its alliance partner solutions. Partners work directly with UiPath to fast-track enterprise application and technology innovation, ensuring interoperability and functionality to optimize RPA implementations.

“This new relationship with UiPath will deliver bot management solutions that don’t require human intervention, enabling organizations to use digital labor to save time and resources,” said Frank Casale, co-founder of ChoiceWORX. “WORX for RPA Management will help UiPath customers to scale their digital workforces and accelerate their hyperautomation transformation.”

ChoiceWORX’s WORX for RPA Management is an AI-powered, SaaS platform that manages bots by monitoring and remediating issues across the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) ecosystem as they are discovered. This solution deploys digital labor for bot management and continuously learns as it is exposed to new data. The new and revolutionary approach to RPA management helps organizations reduce labor costs, improve bot scalability and productivity, and free IT resources to focus more on growth opportunities.

“The partnership with ChoiceWORX will help us further our mission to empower the fully-automated enterprise for our clients,” said Boris Krumrey, VP of Automation Innovations at UiPath. “The WORX for RPA Management solution complements and extends our offerings, helping to ensure optimal bot productivity, including automating the monitoring, management, scaling, and remediation of enterprise bots.”

To schedule a demo of ChoiceWORX’s WORX for RPA Management on the UiPath platform, email us at

About ChoiceWORX

ChoiceWORX delivers AI-as-a-Service enabling enterprises to automate IT service and support and Robotic Process Automation management using digital labor. ChoiceWORX platforms significantly reduce operations and labor costs while dramatically improving worker productivity and end-user experience. The company’s WORX for RPA Management proactively discovers, manages, and repairs bots without human intervention. WORX for Digital Workplace advanced AI platform enables Intelligent Automation of end-user support and device management. To learn more about ChoiceWORX, please visit:


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