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Service Providers: RPA

Build a Profitable Bot Management Service

Digital labor solution for bot management replaces the need for traditional labor, allowing organizations to save money and see more profit.

Improve Client Bot Productivity & Reliability

Automated bot management helps prevent bots from breaking, allowing them to scale more easily and remain available for new work.

Put Focus Back In High-Value Skills and Services

Bots are managed autonomously, which means that RPA developers no longer need to spend time monitoring and remediating bots.

Bot management can be time- and resource-intensive for service providers. Automating this process can help fill technology gaps that get in the way of growth. ChoiceWORX offers AI-powered solutions for RPA management, allowing service providers to experience benefits like:


  • Reduced Labor Costs: ChoiceWORX uses digital labor to monitor all clients’ bots, all the time. This reduces dependence on traditional labor, decreasing costs significantly while increasing responsiveness to issues.
  • Improved Scalability: With AI-fueled bot management, it’s effortless and inexpensive to scale up as your client bot fleets grow, allowing them to get more work done and boost ROI.
  • Multi-Vendor RPA management: If a client has more than one RPA provider, all of their bots can be seamlessly managed and controlled from the same location. All client accounts and information about bots can be viewed from one easily-accessible dashboard.
  • Reduced Dependency on RPA Developers: With digital labor doing the heavy lifting of bot monitoring and repairs, service providers won’t need to rely as heavily on RPA developers to support, troubleshoot and fix bots.
  • Real-Time Visibility into RPA Ecosystem: ChoiceWORX solutions provide unique insight into your clients’ RPA ecosystems, from bot function to application obstacles. Service providers can also access new data to help inform better outcomes.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: Keep clients happy consistently by detecting and identifying issues immediately. Automated bot management enables service providers to keep bots more reliable and productive for clients, keeping them happier.

RPA management has the potential to significantly increase revenue for service providers and their clients. ChoiceWORX makes it easier, cheaper, and faster than ever before with digital labor, enabling organizations to fill in their technology gaps for a true end-to-end hyperautomation solution.

Learn more about our solution for bot management, WORX For RPA Management.

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