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Digital Workplace Management for Service Providers


Our solutions observe the potential for errors and produce solutions that remedy issues before they can disrupt work


When an error or issue arises for a user, they will receive an immediate notification that a correction is required at an endpoint 

Providers overseeing client service desks know the struggle of managing a digital workplace: Service desk ticket resolution is time-consuming and frustrating, and clients complain that their end-users are stuck waiting for resolution. ChoiceWORX offers AI-fueled solutions that enable service providers to offer better outcomes for clients, like reduced dependency on service desk employees. 

The ChoiceWORX Digital Labor Cloud proactively remediates, solving problems before they can occur to disrupt work. We help service providers offer benefits to clients such as:

  • Reduced Labor Costs: Our powerful AI solution uses digital labor instead of traditional labor to resolve IT issues, so technology experts don’t need to constantly step in for ticket resolution. Since IT tickets never need to be filed, companies can reduce reliance on IT service desk employees.
  • Increased Productivity: IT issues can be solved with machine speed so employees can get back to work faster and focus on meaningful core work
  • Improved Scalability: Our solution can help service desks deal with a sudden influx of temporary or seasonal volume, scaling up effortlessly without the need to hire temporary staff
  • Reduced IT Ticket Volume: The ChoiceWORX AI Reasoning Engine proactively addresses hundreds of the most popular service desk requests before an issue occurs, stopping IT tickets in their tracks.
  • Improved End-User Experience: Our continuously-expanding library of use case scenarios and automation repair capabilities enable organizations to respond to end-user support requests in a fraction of the time.

Clients expect more from their service desk management solution.  ChoiceWORX’s proactive SaaS solution offers superior end-user support and device management automatically, reducing the volume and velocity of service desk tickets and addressing issues with no employee intervention required.

Learn more about our solution for automated service desk management, WORX for Digital Workplace.

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