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Monitor, Manage and Proactively Repair Bots at Scale

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What is WORX for RPA Management?

It is the only next generation AI platform that monitors, manages and proactively fixes Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots. It discovers and fixes the root causes of bot failures – it does it without human intervention.

Imagine a tech workforce free to focus on innovation, rather than getting bogged down in mundane bot monitoring. No more hours of staring at screens finding and fixing broken bots. No more lost productivity. Best of all, the value of WORX for RPA Management increases as its AI Reasoning Engine learns more about your environment.


Discover and oversee RPA bots running throughout an enterprise.


Identify critical dependencies and connections between bots and applications.


Quickly discover root causes of bot failures and disconnects.


Instantly remediate failures and update operating status.