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RPA Programs At Scale

Reduce Labor Costs

Digital labor solution for bot management replaces the need for traditional labor, allowing organizations to save money and see more profit.

Improve Bot Function

Automated bot management helps prevent bots from breaking, allowing them to scale more easily and remain available for new work.

Autonomous Management

Bots are managed autonomously, which means that RPA developers no longer need to spend time monitoring and remediating bots.

Trying to manage RPA bots with employees can be time- and resource- intensive due to the frequency with which bots encounter changes in their environments and dependencies.

When a bot fleet grows to contain more than 50-100 bots, many organizations find themselves spending large sums of time and money monitoring and fixing bots instead of building – and thus, scaling is impossible. 

ChoiceWORX helps break this cycle by automating the process of bot management, allowing organizations to achieve true end-to-end hyperautomation. Our AI-powered solutions for bot management help RPA users, enterprises, and service providers experience benefits like:

  • Reduced Labor CostsOur bot management solution uses digital labor to reduce dependence on human labor, allowing organizations to lower support costs and scale their RPA programs with fewer employees.
  • Multi-Vendor Bot Management: ChoiceWORX seamlessly integrates with leading RPA technology like UiPath and Automation Anywhere, allowing organizations to manage multi-vendor digital workforces from one convenient dashboard.
  • Insight Into RPA Ecosystem: With digital labor, organizations can gain insight into what is happening in their RPA ecosystems, from bot function to application obstacles.
  • Reduced Dependency on RPA Developers: With digital labor doing the heavy lifting of bot monitoring and repairs, reliance on a human workforce is significantly reduced.
  • Improved Scalability: AI-driven bot management oversees more bots than a human could, allowing bot fleets to scale up easily for increased ROI.
  • Better Bot Function and Availability: Since bots aren’t breaking as frequently, organizations can reduce the risk of important business processes stopping suddenly. With AI-driven bot management, bots are more reliable, stable, and can be scaled up for supercharged productivity.

Learn more about our solution for bot management, WORX For RPA Management.

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