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Date: August 3  |  Time: 11 am ET

Healthcare continues to go through a rapid transformation driven by societal change, the pandemic, technological innovation, and other forces. In every aspect of the industry, things have to be done faster, better, and more efficiently – from serving patients, to paying and issuing bills, and even to ordering supplies. 

Automation is playing a large part in the transformation and ChoiceWORX is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, August 3, 2022 at 11 am ET discussing the role of automation, and specifically RPA, in healthcare. 

Join us and learn how automation and digital workers are changing healthcare and how automated management of the digital workforce will be a vital part of successful transformation.

At this webinar, you’ll hear from Ed Marx, former CIO, Cleveland Clinic and CDO of Tech Mahindra, current CEO, Divurgent, Gokul Solai, MD, CEO, Novatio Solutions (a leading UiPath partner), and Eric Hochstein, VP Business Development, ChoiceWORX.