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Enterprise RPA

Understand Your RPA Ecosystem

With dependency monitoring and discovery, our RPA solution provides insights around critical bot application dependencies, most common failures, and performance utilization.

Improve Bot Scaling

Our unique AI-fueled RPA management solution autonomously monitors, maintains, diagnoses and remediates bots, for improved process scalability.

Boost ROI

End-to-end RPA management reduces dependency on human labor for bot oversight and remediation, cutting support costs dramatically and improving ROI.

Managing an enterprise RPA program is time- and resource- intensive. According to Forrester, only 13% of RPA programs get past the pilot stage, and the majority of organizations utilizing RPA don’t have more than 10-30 bots in production.

Automated bot management can enable true enterprise hyperautomation, allowing organizations to experience benefits like:

  • Reduced Labor Costs: ChoiceWORX uses digital labor to monitor all enterprise bots, all the time, freeing up budget and resources to focus on your core business priorities.
  • Effortlessly Grow Your Bot Fleet: With AI-fueled bot management, it’s effortless and inexpensive to scale up as an enterprise bot fleets grows, allowing organizations to see more productivity and ROI.
  • Reduced Dependency on RPA Developers: With digital labor doing the heavy lifting of bot monitoring and repairs, enterprises don’t need to rely as heavily on RPA developers to support, troubleshoot, and remediate bots.
  • Real-Time Visibility into RPA Ecosystem: Discovers bots on every RPA host and observe the execution of each bot and action, providing organizations with data that was previously unavailable.
  • Centralized Enterprise RPA management: All data about bots and their function can be viewed from one central and easily-accessible dashboard. If an organization has more than one RPA provider, all bots can be seamlessly managed and controlled from the same location.
  • Reduced Risk of Bot Errors: Since bots aren’t breaking as frequently, enterprises can reduce the risk of important business processes stopping suddenly. With AI-driven bot management, bots are more reliable, stable, and can be scaled up for even better productivity.

ChoiceWORX solutions enable true end-to-end scaling for enterprises, allowing organizations to accelerate their automation plans. 

Learn more about our solution for enterprise bot management, WORX For RPA Management

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