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What is WORX for Digital Workplace?

WORX for Digital Workplace is a secure, automated helpdesk management platform that monitors applications, identifies broken connections and potential failures, and fixes malfunctions quickly, without the need for human intervention. It’s the next generation of IT automation management, and ChoiceWORX has it right now.

Automated IT monitoring and response reduces the hassle of standard service requests. No more waiting hours for a solution. No more wondering why a task or application just stopped working. WORX for Digital Workplace from ChoiceWORX predicts issues and takes immediate action, without the need for a helpdesk ticket.

Constant Fault Detection

WORX for Digital Workplace is always on duty, monitoring performance.

Proactive Remediation

As a problem is spotted, WORX for Digital Workplace responds with the solution.

Digital Labor

Automated monitoring & remediation equals time and cost savings.