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Company Overview

ChoiceWORX Founders

ChoiceWORX was co-founded by tech and business visionaries Sam Gross and Frank Casale, who started by asking the tough questions about IT:

“Why do organizations still struggle to scale their automation programs?”

“Are the promises of AI over-hyped?”

“Do we need to re-think old-school labor models?”

“Are your service desk phones still ringing off the hook?”

Sam Gross

Co-Founder, CEO, and Chief
Product Officer
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Frank Casale

Co-Founder, and Chief
Revenue Officer
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With these questions in mind, Sam and Frank set out to create a new solution to an old problem.
ChoiceWORX is committed to enabling organizations to achieve true hyperautomation through innovation.
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WORX For RPA Management
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WORX for Digital Workplace
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Digital Labor

The ChoiceWORX Story

Driven by a market need for a new solution, ChoiceWORX co-founders Sam Gross and Frank Casale based their philosophy around finding ways to replace high labor costs in non-core areas with technology that could replace the human cognition component of completing end-to-end IT processes.

Frank and Sam are individually and mutually devoted to bringing digital labor capabilities to communities in a way that’s easy to buy, easy to use, and above all else, impactful. They are passionate about helping businesses build better tools and serving customers with AI as the solution to accelerating productivity and freeing up critical resources to focus on core business functions.

Our Team

Joe Schechter

President & COO

Eric Hochstein

VP – Business Development

John Blake

VP – Product Solution Architecture

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