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The Future of

Struggling with technology gaps and high labor costs? Learn about the missing link to true hyperautomation.

All About Digital Labor

Digital labor is the intelligent automation of full end-to-end processes. Many IT processes, like RPA management, are only partially automated and still require human intervention in areas like:

1. Bot monitoring

2. RPA maintenance

3. Bot and dependency remediation 

This can be costly, resource-intensive, and unproductive. 

The ideal solution to this problem is proactive and autonomous, with the ability to discover, report, and correct before problems can disrupt work.

Powered by a unique first-of-its-kind AI-fueled Digital Labor Cloud, ChoiceWORX provides solutions for RPA Bot Management and Digital Workplace endpoint support. The Digital Labor Cloud can detect and correct based on its own observations – no human intervention needed.

The ChoiceWORX solution is a complete AI service included in a subscription, no scripts involved. Our digital knowledge workers are pre-trained to handle the most common hardware and service issues to deliver business value much faster than untrained automation.

We believe digital labor is the future of how IT WORX.

Why does it matter?

For decades, organizations have been relying on human labor in both core and non-core areas. But when employees are utilized in non-core areas, labor costs can rise quickly. Digital labor is an innovative solution to this problem: while people are critical differentiators for core business functions, digital labor for non-core areas can revolutionize an organization’s resource allocation, productivity, and overall competitive edge.

How we do it: the ChoiceWORX solution

Our AI-fueled Digital Labor Cloud enables organizations to scale automation programs while significantly reducing labor costs, increasing productivity, and improving RPA management and IT end-point experience. ChoiceWORX reduces dependency on human intervention by shifting the management of IT systems to a Digital Labor Cloud that becomes smarter every day, increasing its value over time. Our Digital Labor Cloud is comprised of three key elements:


The “eyes and ears.” SupportBOT observes environments for errors, inconsistencies, and roadblocks. When it identifies something to be addressed, it brings the information to the AI Reasoning Engine for a decision.

AI Reasoning Engine

The “brain.” The AI Reasoning Engine determines all courses of action. It has reasoning capabilities that allow it to act as a “central command center,” making decisions based on input from the Super SupportBOT and Memory Data Lake.

Memory Library

Powers the AI Reasoning Engine.  Our Memory Library remembers and creates a fingerprint of what every bot, PC and user look like.  This allows the AI Reasoning Engine to make smart decisions based on history, patterns and past errors.  So the same problem never happens twice.

What makes the Digital Labor Cloud unique?

While other AI solutions have agents that observe and report errors in an environment, none of them have the capability to fix the problem. SupportBOT sets our solutions apart from the rest as it provides the capability to deliver remediations to the user environment, autonomously fixing the issue before it can disrupt work.

Learn about the ChoiceWORX Difference

ChoiceWORX solutions reduce dependency on human intervention by shifting the management of IT systems to a Digital Labor Cloud that becomes smarter every day, increasing its value over time. The Digital Labor Cloud is comprised of three key elements:

Proactive, Autonomous Capabilities

Our solutions are built on the foundation that IT processes should be proactive, not reactive. Our solutions center around proactively and autonomously addressing problems before valuable human resources need to get involved.

Installed on Your Operating System

Organizations will experience a significant payoff from the AI solution being installed on their operating system because it can immediately resolve problems and gain valuable insight into the environment, providing turbo-charged automation.

Smarter Each Day

Our unique, first-of-its-kind Digital Labor Cloud learns from new data and becomes smarter each day, providing more value as time goes on, creating a path to true scalability and increased productivity.

Contact us today to learn how our digital labor solutions work for you.