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Digital Labor

Reinventing how IT work gets done with automation solutions for Robotic Process Automation bot management and IT digital workplace support.

Experience proactive remediation with our AI-driven Cloud Solutions. 

Automation Perfected.  IT Simplified.

Improve Scalability

Unique AI-fueled RPA management solution autonomously monitors, maintains, and manages bots, allowing for effortless scalability with no manual intervention needed.

Reduce Labor Costs

End-to-end automation management reduces the dependency on human labor for RPA and IT service desks, cutting support costs dramatically.

Proactive & Autonomous 

Intelligent AI reasoning engine is different from automation because it can proactively think, make decisions, and overcome obstacles before they disrupt work.

Our Products

WORX for RPA Management

AI-fueled Robotic Process Automation management solution provides automated bot monitoring, maintenance, and repair, allowing organizations to boost ROI and scalability.

WORX for Digital Workplace

Automated solution for endpoint management enables a proactively-managed service desk, reducing ticket volume and labor costs and improving  the end-user experience.

Our Solutions

Enterprise RPA

Boost the reliability and productivity of your RPA program as you reduce labor costs and improve scalability.

RPA Programs at Scale

Reduce labor costs and improve scaling with AI-powered automated bot management.

Digital Labor-Powered Service Desk

Proactive and autonomous AI solution enables a fully-automated service desk, no manual labor required.

RPA Service Providers

Learn how automated bot management can help you cost-effectively manage client RPA programs for better outcomes, reduce dependency on offshore labor, and improve scalability to create new revenue streams for your business. 

Digital Workplace Service Providers

Learn how our AI solution for Digital Workplace can help you grow account profitability by proactively managing client service desk environments, reducing support tickets, and improving end-user experience.

Why ChoiceWORX?

“Clients are looking to add AI capabilities to RPA in order to scale. We scoured the earth looking for the right solution, but there was no other choice until we came in contact with ChoiceWORX.”
Michael Engel
Intelligent Automation Leader, PwC

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